Welcome to our company Blow Moi!

Together we started this business from a place of Passion and a Love for candles. Many long hours and restless nights later we have come up with three things that we stand for. They are to support local, keep our world's future in mind by only using the best products that are sustainable and clean burning. We do this by keeping our enviornment in mind and only using phthalate & paraben free fine organic fragrance oils and 100% natural soy wax. Our shipping and packaging products alighn with this by using recycled and natural products.

We began making gifts for family and friends when we lived in the Okanagan. We started with repurposed wine and other glass bottles which we cut and sanded ourselves. Things took off for us after companies and friends started placing special orders from us. We saw an opportunity to share our passion with everyone. Now we run an inter provincial candle and apparel company. We are so happy and excited to continue our journey and have you join us!